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What is the best bank for foreigner in Saint Vincent & Grenadines Islands? What are the pros and cons of banking in Saint Vincent & Grenadines Islands?

What is needed?
1. Residency?
2. How much money to deposit?
3. Sponsor or guarantor?

Thanks for helping our members and expatriates living in Saint Vincent & Grenadines Islands.


Important things to consider for a bank account

1. Convenience: bank location, disability access and services, hours;
2. Interest: does it pay interest on the balance;
3. Electronic services: if you think you will use them;
Check clearing: what are the policies;
4. Pricing: account charges, fees for checks, services or problems;
5. Other useful services: such as link-up with savings, charge cards, financial counseling;
6. Personal relationship: courtesy, support services.
(This is very important when Banking overseas in a different language.
7. Does the person speak English or your native language?

Things to ignore for bank account

1. Advertising campaigns and promotional offers
Interest calculating methods on interest-bearing accounts
2. Prestige (image isn't important, service is).

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